New custom hot-stamp orders

How to design a stamp

Create a design that will amaze everyone! Disc design is one of the best ways to create a memorable event or leave a lasting impression. When you have a design in mind download our design guide. It's written to make sure we can make the best possible product for you. If you do not have ability to create the artwork you have in mind, don't worry. Our experienced disc designers can help you (but remember; our design team is busy, so it may take some time to perfect your artwork!). Once the design is set and the order sheet is sent in, sit back and relax. Design Guide.


How to order

1. Choose disc what you want or contact your sales rep if you want to know current availability for custom orders. Below you can see which molds have the best availability for custom orders.

Current best availability (June 2023):

  • D-line P2 Flex 2
  • D-line P2 Flex 1
  • C-line CD1
  • Lux Vapor Link
  • Lux Vapor Mutant
  • Lux Vapor Essence
  • Extra Soft Exo Tactic
  • Metal Flake C-line FD
  • Neo Splice
  • Meta Method

2. Email the artwork to according to these instructions.


Minimum order size and timeline

Minimum Custom order size is 50 discs for each mold. 100 discs for 2 different molds.

A successful new Custom project takes 3-5 weeks to complete from artwork delivery to getting your discs. After your first order, subsequent custom orders with the same die will be delivered fast, as we'll have the die readily available. In this case, just mention which die you want to use in your order and we'll go ahead stamp them accordingly.


Pro tips:

Try to avoid very thin lines or excessive bolded areas whenever possible. Your design may be rejected and sent back for further edits if the design is determined to be un-stampable. You can easily break up solid black areas by including some white space to relieve some of the pressure.

You are welcome to request foil colors that you'd like to see on your custom jobs. Please keep in mind that these are not guaranteed but our expert stampers will always do our best to get you exactly what you are looking for. If it is absolutely necessary to have these exact foils on your order, please make note of that in your order and we'll contact you with any questions or concerns.