Custom stamping

This is your resource page for all things custom stamping.

Currently custom orders cannot be ordered directly from the Dealer Store. We will kindly ask you to contact your sales rep.

All custom orders have a minimum quantity of 50 pieces (1 mold). 100 pieces 2 different molds.


We have two stamping options:

Hot-foil stamp

  • Price: Disc price is according to your pricelist + additional stamping costs: 0,5€ per disc and 150 € stamping die.
  • Die will be kept on file for future orders. If it is a one time use, we can send the die in your order.
  • Must be black-white image

Multicolor print

  • Price: Disc price is according to your pricelist + stamping cost 4€ per disc


    Prices are VAT0% and does not include shipping.

    Please expect around a 3-5 week turnaround for custom stamping jobs.

     Questions? Please contact


    Currently best availability:

    • D-line P2 Flex 2
    • D-line P2 Flex 1
    • C-line CD1
    • Lux Vapor Link
    • Lux Vapor Mutant
    • Lux Vapor Essence
    • Extra Soft Exo Tactic
    • Metal Flake C-line MD3
    • Neo Splice
    • Meta Method
    • Swirl S-line FD


    How to Design a Stamp

    • Create a design that will amaze everyone! Disc design is one of the best ways to create a memorable event or leave a lasting impression. When you have a design in mind download our design guide. It's written to make sure we can make the best possible product for you.
    • Design Guide



      • Please reach out to to discuss tournament stamping, player packs and packages.